New York City Projector Rentals

New York Projector Rentals

barco-clm-hd8-projectorNothing is more important than the quality of your visual presentation. Our experts will help you find the right projector to fit your configurations, venue size and audience size. We will help you set it up and make sure it runs smoothly.

Big Apple AV Events has a big assortment of projectors available for rent in New York area. We offer rentals of LCD, HD and DLP projectors at affordable prices. Whether you need projector for your wedding, presentation or slide show in the big arena, we can fit your every need and work with you on your budget.

Not sure what type of Projector to rent?

Not only do we rent projectors, but we can help you select the best equipment for your event and your venue.  Call us today and let us help you plan the perfect event!

HD Projector Rentals

HD Projector Rental New York

Big Apple AV Events offers HD projector rentals from some of the top brand names in the industry. Those projectors run at a resolution equal to the HD TV technology. Great image quality HD projectors will make any event or presentation extra memorable. We are open for both business and personal rentals in the greater New York area.


DLP Projector Rentals

DLP Projector Rentals New York CityIf you are looking for a Hollywood cinematic presentation in 1080p then you may wish to rent a DLP projector.  DPL Projectors offer superior picture quality due to its sophisticated chipset that minimizes the gaps between pixels.  While the DPL Projector may carry a higher rental cost, its quality will leave a lasting impression with your audience.

At Big Apple AV Events you can find top quality DLP projectors for rent in the New York Area.

LCD Projector Rentals

New York City Projector Rentals

Big Apple AV Events offers a vast variety of reliable and affordable LCD projectors for rent in the New York area. All our LCD projectors are superior quality, reliable and can fit event of any size: from a small to a Large venue. Both business and personal rentals are welcome.

Big Apple AV Events offers a full range of LCD projector rentals, crafted by leading manufacturers such as Infocus, NEC and Sony. Our LCD Projects are available for immediate rental and are capable of supporting client presentations, meetings, corporate marketing events, training or trade shows. All our LCD projectors are superior quality and can fit event of any size: from a small to a Large venue. Both business and personal rentals are welcome.

You want to rely on your projectors during your presentation and we can guarantee high quality equipment and superior services.


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You as an event planner have a vision.  We at Big Apple Event AV have the experience and knowledge to match our line of rental products to bring your vision to reality.

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